Single Bucket With Fixed Pipeline
  • Single Bucket With Fixed Pipeline

Fixed Pipeline Single Bucket Milking Machine


Rs : 43500

1 To 15 Animals

1.5 HP motor  Vacuum pump: 500 lpm (oil).

Product Overview


Our modern machines allow on-the-premises milking and automatic transport to the cooling tank. The pipeline milking systems complete with all components (milking, vacuum, pulsation & cleaning) suitable for both small and big cattle stations.




  • Vacuum tank to collect the moisture and dust so that no water, dust will enter into the pump to increase life span of pump.
  • Suitable for 1 to 15 cows.
  • Non return valve is fixed along with the pump so that
  • 1.Pump will never run in reverse direction
  • 2.When power is switched off, vacuum pressure will be maintained at the same level and so cluster unit will not fall down.
  • Oil can is fixed outside, oil with dirt will come out, and so the life of the vacuum pump is doubled.
  • Same setup can be used as double bucket set up after changing the pulley size, which will increase the rpm of the vacuum pump.
  • 20 liters stainless steel milk can will be provided in the bucket set.
  • Silicon food grade liners.
  • To see the milking machine video, please search for “modern dairy machines” on YouTube.
  • 1 year warranty for motor and vacuum pump.


In partnering with our quality products we are a step ahead when total system solutions count to meet the needs and expectations of today's farmers. Modern dairy machines always the right choice for up-to-date, sustainable and value creating system solutions in livestock farming and dairy industries.