Single Bucket Trolley
  • Single Bucket Trolley

Single Bucket Trolley / Portable Milking Machine


Rs : 36000

1 To 10 Animals

Motor : 0.75 HP Vacuum: 200 lpm (oil)

Product Overview


Bucket milking system is deemed to be the most economic system against good economic return in milk production. Frames sizes & shapes along with wheels diameters are specifically engineered with pneumatically operated pulsators to suit any working conditions.

This machine can be  operated with home UPS  battery and inverter during  power cuts.




  • Suitable for 1 to 10 cows
  • Easy to move as trolley type with nylon wheels.
  • High speed milking is assured.
  • 20 liters stainless steel milk can will be provided in the bucket set.
  • Silicon food grade liners.
  • To see the single bucket trolley milking machine video, please search for “modern dairy machines” on YouTube
  • 1 year warranty for the pump


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