01 Dairy Farm Equipments-Chaff cutter

Wheel type - 10 HP Heavy Duty Top Blower Chaff Cutter


Rs : 119200

Power Source           Electric Motor

Power                      7-9 HP

Machine Feed           Straw,Dry,Fresh Grass,Corn Stalk,Bamboo

Type                         Electric

Cutting Capacity        >1000 kg/hr

Product Overview


Highly precise and smooth to operate, chaff cutter machines are impeccably designed for chopping up hay and oat-straw to feed livestock. Our agricultural chaff cutter is very easy for cutting green as well as dry materials with special blades which retain long-lasting sharpness.


  • Heavy duty Top blower type.
  • Feed could directly be loaded into any vehicle to feed large number of animals.
  • Fully Covered blades.
  • Heavy Duty. Vibration free.

Designed for big farmers.
This chaff cutter can also be used for very big goat farming

In partnering with our quality products we are a step ahead when total system solutions count to meet the needs and expectations of today's farmers. Modern dairy machines always the right choice for up-to-date, sustainable and value creating system solutions in livestock farming and dairy industries.