01 Dairy Farm Equipments-Chaff cutter

Wheel Type - 5 HP Heavy Duty Blower Chaff cutter


Rs : 67100

Power Source           Electric Motor

Power                      5 HP

Machine Feed          Dry Grass,Fresh Grass,Corn Stalk,Bamboo

Operation                 Powered

Automation Grade    Automatic

Product Overview


Highly precise and smooth to operate, chaff cutter machines are impeccably designed for chopping up hay and oat-straw to feed livestock. Our agricultural chaff cutter is very easy for cutting green as well as dry materials with special blades which retain long-lasting sharpness.


  • Conveyor belt, Blower Model
  • Conveyor belt is attached so that feed will be automatically taken with high speed rolling belt.
  • Multipurpose blower type – Top/ bottom blower type.
  • Based on the user convenience either bottom or top blower could be used.
  • Bottom blower output could be closed to use top blower and vice versa.
  • Fully Covered blades with forward/ Reverse gear available.
  • Heavy Duty. Vibration free.

Designed for big farmers.
This chaff cutter can also be used for very big goat farming.

In partnering with our quality products we are a step ahead when total system solutions count to meet the needs and expectations of today's farmers. Modern dairy machines always the right choice for up-to-date, sustainable and value creating system solutions in livestock farming and dairy industries.